released November 13, 2010

Fabio Golfetti : guitar & vocals
Gabriel Costa : bass
Fred Barley : drums & vocals

special guest
Fernando Alge : guitar on track 2

audio recording : Nelson Nicastro Jr & Flavio Tsutsumi
at Candyman Studios, in Sept 2009 / Apr 2010
Track 06 recorded live :
at Centro Cultural São Paulo, in Sept 8, 2007
live sound : Fernando Lopes
audio mixing & mastering : Fabio Golfetti
photos : Marcelo Spindola Bacha
LED light sculptures : Lincoln Lucchi
artwork : Invisível

thanks to:
William Cook, Gabriela Greeb, Violeta




all rights reserved


Fabio Golfetti São Paulo, Brazil

Fabio Golfetti, a Brazilian guitarist and singer is the founder of the psychedelic rock band Violeta de Outono, and the current guitarist of the legendary band Gong.

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Track Name: Sal Paradise
Take me back to paradise
There´s no reason to remain unknown ah ah
Show me your other side
There´s no place so good to belong to ah ah

Why can´t you see
My sun is your soul
The reason is me
No secret to know
Is there any me
Whispering low
No more enemies
All things to throw

Save me from myself

I know I´ll survive
Take me to your shell
To your tribe
Help me from my will
Show me how to cry
Give me any thrill
To enlighten me
Deep inside me
To enlighten me

You used to be so nice to me darling
Llistening to the same music I love
But you know the clouds arrived
With storms and fears and songs & rhymes
Inspiring me
No umbrella takes the rain away from the sea

You used to wear long red boots on sundays
And hide your hair under a hat full of flowers
And we can say we loved each other
Somebody said we looked like brothers
No way
Love between equals is a kind of loneliness

I don´t know where my dreams can be
There´s something between us
There´s a lot of pain around the secret
I don´t care if time runs fast
It´s something I can´t manage
My house is open for the enemies
na na na na na na na
Track Name: Stars
Track Name: Spirits
Track Name: Landing in Shambhala
Track Name: Moon In June
On a dilemma between what I need and what I just want
Between your thighs I feel a sensation
How long can I resist the temptation?
I've got my bird, you've got your man
So who else do we need, really?

Now I'm here, I may as well put my other hand in yours
While we decide how far to go and if we've got time to do it now
And if it's half as good for you as it is for me
Then you won't mind if we lie down for a while, just for a while
Till all the thing I want is need
You are the thing I are, I knew

I can still remember
The last time we played on top gear
And though each little song
Was less than three minutes long
Mike squeezed a solo in... Somehow
And although we like our longer tunes
It seemed polite to cut them down
To little bits - they might be hits
Who gives an... After all?
Tell me how would you feel
In the place of John Peel?
You just can't please
All of the musicians all the time

Playing now is lovely
Here in the BBC
We're free to play almost as long and as loud
As a jazz group, or an orchestra on radio three
There are dancehalls and theatres
With acoustics worse than here
Not forgetting the extra facilities
Such as the tea machine, just along the corridor
So to all our mates like Kevin,
Caravan, the old Pink Floyd
Allow me to recommend 'Top Gear'
Despite its extraordinary name

Yes, playing, playing now is lovely
Here in the BBC
We're free to play almost as long and as loud
As the foreign language classes...
And the john cage interview...
And the jazz groups... And the orchestras on Radio three

Pop stars drink each others' wine
Plough each others' earth
Hoping for companionship
And then perhaps rebirth
Plant seeds in fresher plots of earth
Bound up in concepts and dreams
And fears of worse things to come
They never do
They stay the same

Music-making still
Performs a normal function
Background noise for people
Eating and talking and drinking and smoking
That's all right by us
Don't think that we're complaining
After all it's only leisure time, isn't it?
I could almost sing this song
In a nice tone of voice
If I had to, I'd be glad to
It's awfully nice to be here
So let's open the beers and get tipsy
We'd be mad to
But if you sound refined
Uou just can't blow the mind of a kiddy
Or a young lady
And if you come from the sun
You just can't fool a mum into thinking
That you're alright, really
So before this feeling dies
Remember, I could be telling lies

Now, I love your eyes
See how the time flies
I think it's so great
You seem to change your fate
By working and playing
Something new in every way
Can be yours in a day
But I wonder what I'm really saying
So just before this feeling dies
Remember I may be telling lies

White lies
Idle chat
And just lies, plain lies...

I shan't say...
One more word...
So instead... I'll play drums...